Sliding Barn Doors Are Easy to Operate for Elderly People with Arthritis and Other Ailments

barn door track hardware townhouse sliding barn doorWeightless.

It’s all about the track hardware you use. Barn doors are also beneficial when it comes to the weight of doors. Because some doors stick or are heavy to pull, it may make it harder for elderly people and arthritis patients to open and close them. But with sliding barn doors, that won’t be a problem. By hanging a door on a track with barn door hardware, the majority of the weight and strain is removed from the user, making the beautiful door accessible to all.

Sliding Barn Door Hook.

Because of the way they are installed, single-hung barn doors are not meant to be locking. This may be preferred for families with elderly people as well as arthritis patients and people with other patients, as they would not be able to lock themselves in the room. However, it can be a cause for concern if you are trying to use one as a bedroom or guest bathroom door where you’d like the option to lock it. There are options for adding a lock, such as the hook to the sliding barn door hardware. An additional accessory to consider is an adjustable floor guide (no routing of door) for wood doors.

Avoid Accidents.

Anywhere where old people and/or people in need of care are present, soft closing systems on sliding doors effectively prevent fingers from being trapped in doors. The automatic gentle braking and closing of the track hardware prevents hard collisions, and therefore goes a long way to preventing accidents.

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